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"It makes me sick. The sensation on my left hand. The grating sound of each strike. The smell of blood. It throws all of my senses into disarray. How can you do all these things, yet feel and think nothing at all?"

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My dash is dead sooo


Reblog if you posts any of these I srsly need more people to follow

Shingeki no kyojin
Angel Beats!
Steins Gate
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
Kuroko no Basket
Kagerou Project (Especially kagepro)
Death Note
Orange bt Takano Ichigo
Dengeki Daisy

Pretty much any anime/manga in general (I’m really desperate)

And DC Comics

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-What I’m Giving Away-

  • 10 Digital Sketches
  • 5 Digital Single Character Drawing, No BG
  • 3 Speed Paintings, Simple BG
  • 1 Full Rendered Painting

-The Rules-

  • Every reblog gets you an entry (One reblog per person!)
  • Watching me will get you an extra entry
  • Make sure you have a way for me to ask/contact you if you win!
  • Likes don’t count for entires
  • Contest ends on: August 1st, 2014 at Midnight

-What I’ll Draw-

  • I prefer drawing: Animals, fantasy creatures, Pokemon (and other fan art!) nature things, etc.
  • I can draw: ANYTHING including anime/humanoid characters, but I’m not as good at them. I’m so-so and you’ll still get a nice picture either way!
  • Original characters are welcome!
  • Fan art is welcome, even if I don’t know what it is.
  • Everything from SFW to NSFW. I’m pretty relaxed about this stuff and in the unlikely chance I am uncomfortable I’ll tell you.
  • Gifts for other people

Don’t want to wait for art? I have discounted commissions going on right here: http://signachild.tumblr.com/post/87042489467/commissions

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armin gets fan mail every mail call

someone pls send eren some too 

(mikasa gets the largest pile out of them all)

armin is 20, eren 21, mikasa 20, and some things still remain the same

(thank you everyone, that last post’s feedback was pretty rad)

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*whispers* sie sind die tornados und wir sind die amerikaner

1000 foot tall walls. yeeeeeeeeeah, sounds like every dystopian story ever.

And it’s happening in the heart of America

no, they’re saying it might work. as far as i know, no one is building 1000 ft walls.


If it will keep the tornadoes out, I would gladly hide behind walls 


I was waiting for the AoT fandom to get ahold of this…

man i hate that attack on titan has the fandom monopoly on walls like 


where my got homies at


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I’ve always found this piece of animation extremely beautiful and emotional. Mikasa wasn’t born a BAMF, she was made a BAMF. Whenever people give her shit for being the way she is, I want to just show them these gifs. She lost her parents, twice. Eren is her only family now. Her one and only remaining family member.

Remember how mad she first got when Eren said he wanted to join the Scouting Legion? It wasn’t just because she was worried, no, it was because she knew that if he joined, she would have to join too. So, when he said that, he basically signed her death sentence. Because that’s what awaits outside the walls. And Eren never even realized any of it. Mikasa became bad ass because she had to protect Eren, and because of Eren’s habit of fucking things up for himself. Mikasa has always cleaned up his messes. She’s always been there in the background, making sure Eren’s okay. That’s why she seems emotionless and obsessive. That’s why she is the way she is. That’s also why she was able to become one of humanity’s strongest soldiers of all time. Not because she wanted to, but because she had to.

And oh, she’s 15 years old.

Don’t shit on Mikasa. Never shit on Mikasa.